Mission Statement

Meals on Wheels in Greater New Brunswick enriches the lives of seniors and assists them in maintaining independence by providing nutritious food, human connections and social services support.

Black Lives Matter

Racism is a public health emergency and moral crisis in America. Meals on Wheels in Greater New Brunswick stands with all people demanding an end to racism and injustice.

Meals on Wheels stands with the Black community in denouncing the police murder of Mr. George Floyd and others and violence against people of color. We are saddened and angry that the killing of unarmed Black lives continues to plague us, divide us, and be an obstacle to real change in America. Many of our senior clients have lived with racial oppression for decades. Meals on Wheels in Greater New Brunswick has been working to ensure that our policies and practices combat institutional racism and to make a better and healthier world for our seniors.

We support the Black Lives Matter Movement and are committed to finding solutions. We welcome partnerships with others seeking positive change.